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Bhutan Land of the Thunder Dragon

When I am asked where my favorite travel destination is, Bhutan is on the tip of my tongue. Bhutan is the last of the Himalayan kingdoms to remain a kingdon where a hereditary monarchy rules. I first visited Bhutan in 1986 and have witnessed the transformation of this Himalayan Buddhist kingdom during frequent trips back. From the incredible Dzongs that adorn the countryside to snow capped sacred mountain peaks. You can hike to Tigers Nest (Taktsang) or beyond or lose yourself in the fine wall paintings illustrating Buddhist lore or the wheel of life or cosmic mandalas.The country is full of festivals celebrating their culture, diversity and all things wonderful that are Bhutan. Bhutan has it all for me from the sacred to the sublime. The Bhutanese government  measures the welfare of her people in terms of Gross National Happiness. 

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